The future is a blank canvas, ours to create

BDO's Blank Canvas video series explores the idea that our future is just that – a blank canvas, one of limitless opportunities. When we envision the future we want for our firm, one thing is clear. It is a future we must design together, through intentional connection, mutual respect and true understanding.

How do we foster this environment? Through ongoing conversations that are thoughtful and complex, often vulnerable, and sometimes even uncomfortable. We’re committed to ensuring that our people have the forums to participate in these conversations, speak freely about their challenges and learn from one another. This work isn’t about getting to a destination — it’s about always progressing, always learning and always caring for others. We are committed to moving the needle one conversation at a time.

“I truly believe that when you see no limits, there are no limits. I learned this from my parents and continue to have this lesson reinforced through the conversations I have had with others around diversity, equity and inclusion. When we come together intentionally, we are able to deepen our personal connections and better understand the impact we can have by supporting one another. It is everyone’s responsibility to lift each other up and create positive change. Much like a blank canvas, there are no limits to what we can achieve together.”

"" Bernie Pieters, Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer


Blank Canvas: Introduction

When do we start to see difference? Bernie speaks to children to explore when and how they see difference, when and why they don’t, and what we can accomplish when we work together.


Blank Canvas: Unspoken Conversations

How can conversation lead to progress? Bernie speaks with six BDO professionals about the challenges they’ve faced, the importance of getting comfortable with being uncomfortable and how intentional engagement can help drive change.