The BDO 600 - Board Compensation Practices

October 2017


How are director compensation practices of publicly traded companies different depending on company size and industry? This unique survey focuses specifically on mid-market companies and enables a year-over-year comparison of board of director pay.

Now in its eleventh year, the BDO 600 survey examines board compensation practices of 600 mid-market public companies and tracks trends in director compensation within eight different industry segments including: energy, financial services - banking, financial services - nonbanking, healthcare, manufacturing, real estate, retail, and technology.

Benchmark yourself against top industry peers and see what goes into a board director's average compensation mix, including: 
  • A breakdown of compensation by industry and company size
  • The proportions of compensation in equity versus cash
  • Trends to watch for FY 17

Overall results: 


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For questions, comments or suggestions, please contact: 
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