BDO USA CEO Wayne Berson Shares Message to BDO Employees About Standing with the Asian American Community


We stand with the Asian American community and will strive to do our part to make our firm – and our world – a more welcoming place for all. On March 19, BDO USA CEO Wayne Berson sent the following message to all BDO employees.

I write you with a heavy heart following the acts of violence that occurred Tuesday evening in Atlanta. Over the past year, Asian American communities across the country have been profoundly impacted by a rise in racially motivated crime, threatening lives and livelihoods.
Xenophobic-rooted words and actions represent the worst parts of our society, and the appalling acts against this community, as displayed in the Bay Area, New York City and across the nation, are disturbing and disheartening. As a firm, BDO stands for equity and inclusion, with values rooted in respect for all. That is why we joined the #AscendTogether Action Agenda last year, and will continue to advocate for members of underserved communities and combat the stigma and biases Pan-Asians face, as well as all forms of discrimination against this group.
To make our firm – and our world – a more welcoming place for all, each of us must put in the work to collaborate, listen and learn from one another. I encourage you to reach out and check in on one another, as well as reference the resources and information below to learn more about how to help protect against and prevent anti-Asian hate.

  • Spend time exploring how to be an ally to the Asian American community, along with educational and donation opportunities:

  • Leverage BDO’s internal resources, including:

    • BDO Pan-Asian Professionals Yammer group. While this group is private and you must request access, all professionals are welcome to join.

    • Degreed pathway: How to be an Inclusive Colleague to People of Color.

    • BDO Seattle Town Hall on Race and Allyship featuring a panel of BDO professionals from across the firm discussing diversity and inclusion.

    • Candid Conversations series Race and Allyship – Partner Perspective featuring three BDO partners and Multicultural Alliance national co-chairs reflecting on their careers to date and the state of race and allyship in the accounting industry and at BDO.

    • Inclusion portal on BDO World and previous BDO News articles highlighting inclusion stories and activities.

    • Upcoming BDO webinars (more information/registration coming soon): Educating on the xenophobia, racism and violence against Asians and providing support.

It’s clear that our society, our industry, our firm and our people must do more to represent and empower our Asian American colleagues. If you have been a victim of discrimination, please reach out to your HR representative. If you want to talk about ways we can support one another at BDO, please reach out to someone you feel comfortable speaking with, including an HR professional, Multicultural Alliance member, your career advisor, our chief people officer or me. We stand unequivocally with the Asian American community.
Wayne Berson, on behalf of the BDO Executive Team