BDO Celebrates Pride Month


At BDO, we go to great lengths to foster a culture that not only celebrates the diverse backgrounds, experiences and perspectives of each one of our people, but actively supports them.

The social unrest that has occurred over the past few weeks in response to the injustices facing the Black community reminds us of the history and meaning behind LGBTQ+ Pride celebrations, which are rooted in the activism and solidarity that grew from the Stonewall riots of 1969. And while Pride Month has become a yearly international celebration of LGBTQ+ people, we recognize its activist roots, and honor those who took a stand then, as well as those who continue to work so hard to effect change today.

BDO is committed to providing an inclusive workplace where all employees are valued, understood and supported. The BDO Pride Alliance brings people together to drive important conversations and action.


At BDO, we are fully committed to providing an inclusive environment where diverse backgrounds and perspectives are valued and understood.

The BDO Pride Alliance is a group for employees and partners of all sexual orientations and gender identities and their allies. This community serves as a valuable resource and forum of support for our people and their colleagues, families and friends. Through in-person and virtual get-togethers and volunteer events, the Alliance brings people together to drive conversations and action about important issues. 

This year, we celebrate the stories of our BDO Pride Alliance members and allies across the U.S.. 

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These events took place prior to the global COVID-19 pandemic.