5 Forces Disrupting Healthcare

April 2017

Move aside, Washington. These five revolutionary forces are disrupting healthcare regardless of what happens to the Affordable Care Act.
  1. Convergence of molecular biology and computer science. Healthcare players will have to understand how software and computer science work with molecular biology—and the FDA will have to learn how to regulate products that capitalize on that synergy.
  2. Emergence of mobile technology. Consumers’ use of their smart devices will only increase, and providers will have to keep up.
  3. Growing financial risk. The days when healthcare was a complete safe haven are long gone. There will still be winners in healthcare, but there will also be more losers as providers adapt to value-based business models rather than fee-for-service.
  4. Increasingly integrated supply chain. Most of the economy operates on a supply chain. Healthcare has just arrived at that party by comparison, and providers and insurers will have to adapt as more of their outcomes—and bottom lines—are tied to the performance of suppliers across the care continuum.
  5. Growth of healthcare outside the hospital setting. Consumers are demanding to receive the right care at the right cost, and that increasingly means outside the hospital walls. Providers will have to adopt or risk being left behind.
So where exactly does Washington come in? BDO’s Patrick Pilch and David Friend explained during a recent Q&A at the 2017 AGA Tech Summit, sponsored by the American Gastroenterological Association Center for GI Innovation and Technology. Watch here: