BDO Knows Government Contracting Alert - June 2016

June 2016


General Services Administration Alliant 2 Request for Proposal

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On June 27, the General Services Administration (GSA) released final requests for proposals for professional IT services under Alliant 2 Unrestricted (A2) and Alliant 2 Small Business (A2SB) government-wide acquisition contracts (GWACs), which have a combined ceiling of $50 billion. The deadline for proposals is August 29. This procurement will include additional, unprecedented evaluation criteria for business system compliance and could create a competitive advantage for contractors that are able to certify the adequacy of their accounting, estimating, earned value management (EVM) and purchasing systems.

A2 and A2SB evaluate bidding firms based on several criteria related to government and commercial projects. Offerors are awarded points based on the following criteria, which are weighted as a percentage of a 100,000-point rating:
  • 42% – Relevant project experience (government and non-government/commercial)
  • 32% – Trend in aforementioned project experience
  • 26% – Systems, certifications and clearance

The more points a small business is awarded of the possible 100,000 through the A2SB evaluation process, the more likely it is to receive awards under GWAC IT contracts. Companies bidding under the A2 GWAC program must, in addition to the point system evaluation, prove they have met or exceeded small business goals in three separate contracts.

In an unprecedented move, GSA stipulates that contractors must have adequate and compliant business systems to be awarded points for the “systems, certifications and clearance” portion of the proposal. Contractors must ensure certain business systems are adequate and compliant prior to submitting a proposal response. The proposal points are awarded for the following adequate and compliant business systems:
  • Cost accounting system
  • Approved purchasing system
  • Current FPRA, FPPR and/or approved billing rates
  • EVM system
  • Acceptable estimating system

The following excerpt from the draft GWAC request for proposal demonstrates the point value attributed to each adequate and compliant business system:

Systems, Certifications, and Clearances

a. Business Systems 14,065
    1)   Cost Accounting System 9,400
    2)   Approved Purchasing System 2,500
    3)   Current FPRA, FPPR and/or approved billing rates 850
    4)   EVMS ANSI/EIA Standard-748 465
    5)   Acceptable Estimating System 850
From a competitive perspective, it’s important that contractors perform adequate due diligence to ensure the aforementioned business systems are compliant before submitting their GWAC proposal.