BDO Cyber Threat Insights - 2019 2nd Quarter Report

July 2019


Today, virtually all industries and governments are intrinsically and fundamentally dependent on critical infrastructure. But how do you define it? A critical infrastructure can be defined as any system or asset, whether physical or virtual, that is vital to a country’s national security. 
Particularly for organizations in the energy, critical manufacturing and transportation sectors, they arguably have the largest targets on their backs and so are especially critical to secure—as they connect, distribute, manage and supply some of the world’s most important resources. 
In BDO’s latest report, we explore what these threats mean for these industries, specifically:
  • Challenges and problems with securing critical infrastructure
  • Analysis of major industry attacks: How did they happen? Are there any lessons that can be learned?
  • Ways to protect critical infrastructure via threat based cybersecurity  


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