2020 Shareholder Meeting Agenda

March 2020


U.S. capital markets are facing pressures from significant societal shifts and an increasing focus on ethical and environmental concerns. New generations of shareholders are emerging, bringing with them new and evolving expectations. Together, directors and management must address heightened demands for stronger principles, greater transparency and better corporate accountability.

Already well-versed in a company’s financial health, shareholders will gather for annual meetings eager to weigh in on the issues directly impacted by a company’s overall direction and vision. For today’s shareholder, companies’ abilities to exhibit a strong corporate culture and design business objectives and reward structures aligned with key environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues is as important as navigating regulatory changes and growth pursuits. In the upcoming proxy season, we anticipate that demonstrating leadership integrity and intent will be paramount for those charged with governance in earning the confidence of current and would-be investors.

BDO’s Center for Corporate Governance and Financial Reporting weighs in on a variety of topics that corporate management and boards of directors are encouraged to consider in connection with their 2020 annual shareholder meetings.