Culture & Unity

June 2017

BDO employs an Audit Quality Framework based on five elements of internal focus (“pillars”) unique to BDO’s CLIMB strategy. Culture & Unity is one of the five elements discussed in our 2017 Approach to Audit Quality report

As a firm, building upon our core values and fostering a culture of teamwork has taken on new meaning meaning as our Assurance practice has grown significantly. Our Assurance practice professional headcount of over 2,800 in 2016 has risen to historic numbers – up over 50% from 2014. Through college recruitment efforts from over 200 universities and private colleges and our highly popular Pathway to Success program, that introduces younger college accounting students to a career in public accounting, we have hired close to 1,400 professionals over the past three years, 69% of whom have chosen to join our Assurance practice.


BDO deploys an advanced Human Resources Information System to support each of our professionals in providing consistent high caliber service across all our business lines. With input from a cross-section of more than 200 BDO professionals, the firm’s core competencies were refreshed to align with behaviors that drive successful performance at every level in setting and clarifying client service expectations. These competencies are being used during professionals’ goal-setting conversations, regular performance assessments and career advising, and readying professionals for promotion and taking on additional responsibilities.

Assurance-pratice-callout-(1).pngAs the demand for talent increases, we continue to aggressively recruit experienced professionals. As part of an active succession planning process that fully assesses changing needs of the profession and our firm, we have placed key partners to serve as our National Managing Partner of Auditing, National Director of Independence, and National Director of SEC Practice to succeed partners transitioning to new roles or preparing for retirement from existing roles and to allow for an appropriate transition period to do so. These experienced professionals bring over 75 years of experience to BDO.

BDO continues to evolve the ways in which we communicate with our employees to respond to the mobility of our professionals and provide up to date information. Embracing changes in technology, the BDO News App was released to further connect our professionals in the office to those in the field. Additionally, a “TED Talks” style series of featured communications from our senior leaders, referred to as the “CLIMBxChange”, is provided to all professionals to ensure consistency in leadership tone and messaging.

Our approach to building an inclusive workplace provides appreciation of the different perspectives our employees bring to our firm while minimizing the impact of inherent unconscious bias through training programs and internal forums. As such, we actively train our professionals and promote and support internal forums such as our LGBT Pride Alliance, Women’s Inclusion, Multicultural Alliance, and Parents’ and Veterans’ Networks. These allow us to further efforts in promoting an environment that is gender, racially, ethnically, and generationally inclusive and responsive to the varying needs of our employee base.In order to retain high performing professionals, we formed early- and mid-career women’s councils staffed by employees who identify and raise issues to bolster mentoring opportunities for younger staff, which are receiving positive feedback.


Recognizing that employees perform better when they are energized and passionate about their work, BDO supports flexibility in the workplace and encourages employees to be intentional with their time in balancing busy careers and personal lives. The better we are at managing our time and our energy, the more successful our business will be. Additionally, our social programs – such as BDO Counts and BDO Green, embody our commitment to corporate responsibility and encourage our professionals to bring even more meaning to their professional lives. Our efforts in these and other endeavors have been recognized through a variety of honors.