The California Consumer Privacy Act is Here – find out how to get prepared

The California Consumer Privacy Act is Here – find out how to get prepared

Why Privacy Compliance Matters?

New regulations bring new demands to organizations of all sizes; it is necessary to properly allocate time, resources and budget to comply and remain in compliance. While regulatory strains are not new for U.S.-based companies, privacy laws are unchartered waters in the U.S. There are variations of industry-driven or sectoral privacy regulations in the U.S.; however, jurisdictional regulations have not been common place in this region of the world. Until now, companies headquartered in the U.S. were required to comply with global privacy regulations when operating or servicing those regions. Today, there are approximately 11 state data privacy laws in various stages of approval. The first major privacy law in the U.S. is the California Consumer Privacy Act. This new regulation is associated with the privacy of consumers’ personal information and could signify the beginning of individualized state data privacy standards across the country.


CCPA becomes law on January 1, 2020.  If you’re not yet ready, our latest insight can help you fill in the gaps. This guide provides:

  • the latest on the CCPA and what companies need to do to comply

  • options on which approach to take to strategically tackle your compliance requirements to build a CCPA Privacy Program