Planning for changes in the higher education landscape.

As a result of reduced government funding, many institutions of higher education have raised tuition and fees, leaving students and families scrambling to finance the cost of education. Meanwhile, the recent proliferation of online programs is changing the higher education competitive landscape, giving rise to new and complex regulations as well as compliance issues. Universities are well aware that falling into non-compliance can be one of the fastest ways to tarnish their reputations.
BDO’s Nonprofit and Education Practice advises on governance practices that make public and private universities compliant and competitive. BDO also manages mergers, acquisitions, and partnerships, performing due diligence services and advising on tax exemption in the United States. Internationally, businesses benefit from BDO’s global reach; our professionals help institutions considering opening overseas campuses establish operations and remain in compliance with regulations in multiple countries.

How Does Your Nonprofit Measure Up?

Benchmarking your organization against peers can help determine best practices and areas of improvement in the finance, operations and governance. Based on data from Nonprofit Standards, A Benchmarking Survey, this assessment tool can help you get actionable data to inform strategic decision making. Complete this short survey to receive a custom benchmarking report and see how your nonprofit measures up.

Nonprofit Benchmarking Tool