Funding your Industry 4.0 innovation.

In most cases R&D tax credits and incentives can be applied against Industry 4.0 investment; both process improvement and software improvement fall cleanly into the parameters. The benefits can be significant – up to 9% of qualified spending for federal taxes and up to 40% of qualified spending in some states. This makes it a great way to save money by offsetting some of the costs of moving to industry 4.0. More than 35 countries have R&D credits and incentives, often even more generous than those available in the U.S. 

The term “R&D” is often misleading, as it does not apply exclusively to scientific research. No, it’s not about people in white lab coats. The R&D tax credit is available to companies in manufacturing, or any industry, that invest in new products, new processes, or new software – all of which may be part of Industry 4.0 initiatives. The requirements are so generous that even documented attempts at Industry 4.0 improvements are eligible. The R&D tax credit is designed to encourage innovation.

Funding your Industry 4.0 innovation using R&D tax credits