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LIPH & HCV Supplemental Funding (COVID-19)

May 08, 2020
1:00 PM to 2:30 PM EST

Grace Fuentes
  • Summary
  • Learning Objectives
This session will discuss the eligible and ineligible costs that are permitted with the supplemental funds recently provided by HUD to pay for COVID-19 expenses. We will review the new flexibilities and waivers HUD is providing to administer the LIPH and HCV programs through PIH Notices 2020-7 & 2020-8. Capital Funds will be examined in respect to certain costs that will be permitted, as well as the BLI limitations that have be relaxed.  We will also examine the period of performance, accounting and reporting requirements for the supplemental funds. 

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  • Review eligible and ineligible costs for the supplemental funding regarding COVID-19
  • Determine what program funds can also be used for COVID-19 activities
  • Understand accounting and reporting requirements
  • Examine waivers and other flexibilities HUD is providing to administer the LIPH, HCV and CFP program during the period of performance