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CEO Forum: How to Outthink, then Unseat the Competition

June 06, 2017
11:00 AM to 4:00 PM EST

Pullman San Francisco Bay
223 Twin Dolphin Drive
Redwood City, CA 94065
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Jill Weiner
(415) 490-3217
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This event has been cancelled. Please contact Jill Jill Weiner at jweiner@bdo.com with any questions. 

If accelerating revenue growth, spurring innovation and unseating your competition is a core part of your strategic plan, BDO's CEO Forum is a must-attend event for you. Two thought leading authors, Dr. Kaihan Krippendorff and Robert Sher, are coming together for a half-day workshop to show you how to outthink, then unseat your competition. Established companies struggle to come up with innovative, fresh strategies and when they do, it is hard to execute them effectively. Change is hard. Yet without it, stagnation and lethargy take hold and kill any hopes for growth. But it doesn't have to be that way.

Our exclusive, invitation-only CEO Forum features an intimate group format, providing a platform for you to network with other CEOs and learn key growth strategies to take your business to the next level.

Key takeaways:

  • New growth options for your business including five strategic narratives to create an innovative culture
  • The 8Ps Framework: eight dimensions the most successful companies use to evaluate and focus their innovation efforts to find a competitive advantage
  • Many narratives to disrupt the competition
  • Strategies for enabling your team to achieve clarity by finding your “Fourth Option”
  • Learn from others mistakes by understanding how and why lethargy develops even in the best companies
  • How to get employees to meet deadlines without top managers having to become drill sergeants
  • Keys to monitoring the performance of complex projects and making sure they are delivered on schedule

We hope you will join to network with your fellow Bay Area CEOs and learn from the research and strategic advice presented by Kaihan and Robert. You will leave with key actionable ideas to accelerate growth, spur innovation and unseat the competition.
8:00 AM to 8:30 AM - Registration and Networking Breakfast

8:30 AM to 12:00 PM - Presentation

12:00 PM to 1:00 PM - Networking Luncheon

article-image-leftDr. Kaihan Krippendorff
Business Strategist, Best-Selling Author and Consultant

Dr. Kaihan Krippendorff is a business strategist, keynote speaker, consultant, and best-selling author of four books, most recently Outthink the Competition (John Wiley, 2012). A former consultant with McKinsey & Company, Kaihan is a recognized expert on business strategy and innovation, appearing in key business media outlets including Fox Business, National Public Radio, Bloomberg Businessweek, Bloomberg Radio, and more.

Kaihan has trained over 6,000 executives and entrepreneurs in his unique business strategy approach, The Outthinker Process ®, and works with the leadership teams of a growing number of leading corporations including Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson, Citibank, BNY Mellon, United Technologies, Realogy, Kraft, and TIAA to design innovative business strategies that disrupt markets and unlock new growth.

article-image-leftRobert Sher
CEO Coach, Midsized Business Consultant and Author

Robert Sher is founding principal of CEO to CEO, a consulting firm of former chief executives that improves the leadership infrastructure of midsized companies seeking to accelerate their performance. He was chief executive of Bentley Publishing Group from 1984 to 2006 and steered the firm to become a leading player in its industry (decorative art publishing).

Robert speaks frequently, and has published extensively on the successful leadership traits and skills of CEOs of midsized companies. He is a regular columnist on Forbes.com, has numerous posts on Harvard Business Review online, Entrepreneur.com and CFO.com.  He authored two books, the first book, The Feel of the Deal; How I Built a Company through Acquisitions (1toPonder, 2007) and his newest book, Mighty Midsized Companies; How Leaders Overcome 7 Silent Growth Killers, (Boston: Bibliomotion, 2014). He also publishes his own newsletter, The CEO Insomnia Factor.