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Capitalizing on Market Growth in 2017: The State of the Energy Industry & BDO’s 2017 Energy Outlook Survey

January 27, 2017
12:00 PM to 1:00 PM EST

Marilyn Maurer
  • Summary
It is no surprise that the U.S. energy sector has endured a rocky two-and-a-half years after oil prices entered free-fall in mid-2014. But with OPEC’s recent agreement to rein in production, we may be looking at an era of renewed stability, if not potential prosperity.

In this webinar, BDO’s Natural Resources Practice leaders, along with Hillhouse Resources’ Ed Hirs, explore the state of the energy industry at the start of the year—as well as what lies ahead for oil and gas companies in 2017, according to BDO’s annual Energy Outlook Survey.