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BDO Event: Litigation, Investigation and Intellectual Property Theft

August 20, 2019
8:00 AM to 10:30 AM EST

DoubleTree Cleveland
6200 Quarry Lane
Independence, OH 44131
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Alicia Nevin
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This event has been postponed. Please reach out to Alicia Nevin anevin@bdo.com for more information.

In today’s legal environment, corporate clients often find themselves in situations where they need litigation support or to conduct an internal investigation of an employee or management as a whole. Clients finding themselves in these crisis situations often ask about the next steps and what information is needed.

BDO USA, LLP invites you and your colleagues to join us for a roundtable discussion on today’s challenging corporate environment. This session will use case studies to discuss and illustrate the process and strategies employed by accountants and computer forensic professionals. We will highlight how they work together to perform internal investigations, what the requirements are for data substantiation and computer forensic analysis,  the red flags of employee misconduct, and preventative controls related to misconduct.

  • Garry Pate, Director in BDO’s Forensic Technology Services practice. Garry has over 19 years of experience in digital forensics, cybersecurity, information governance, e-discovery, and internal / intellectual theft investigations. Garry’s experience includes testifying in federal court.
  • Jim Carrol, Senior Litigation Manager in BDO Advisory practice.  Jim has significant experience in fraud and forensic auditing/investigations, forensic accounting investigation & analyses, ethics and compliance reviews, economic damage analysis and quantification, and criminal tax matters. Jim’s experience includes testifying in federal court.