2020 Cybersecurity Spotlight: Private Equity

By Ric Opal, Michael Dombrowski, and Scott Hendon| August 31, 2020
The onset of the global coronavirus pandemic coincided with a sharp rise in the number of cyber-attacks that have impacted organizations of all sizes across industries. Private equity firms are increasingly becoming targets for cyber-attacks because they often have minimal to modest cybersecurity protocols and are unlikely to report data breaches because of perceived damage to their reputation. Cyber-criminals are well-aware of these vulnerabilities and view PE firms as easy targets to steal significant amounts of information and money while facing minimal security obstacles.
Our latest report focuses on boosting the resilience of PE firms and their portfolio companies by rethinking their cybersecurity strategy. We outline the top 12 cybersecurity challenges and provide recommendations for protecting organizations before, during, and after M&A deals.
Read our 2020 Cybersecurity Spotlight on Private Equity to learn more about protecting your company and your portfolio companies from cyber-attacks.