Azure SQL Data Sync Is Now Generally Available

By Robert Peterson| July 09, 2018

As the cloud continues to grow in popularity, companies have begun to transition to Azure SQL Databases instead of implementing traditional server-based SQL Server implementations. Today, there are more than two million Azure SQL Databases and a maximum database size is 4TB, but limitations around data synchronization have been slow to catch up to the times… until now.

Introducing Azure SQL Data Sync

Microsoft recently announced the general availability (GA) of Azure SQL Data Sync! This is a great solution for when customers have a need to synchronizes multiple siloed copies of the same database that need to be merged together for transactional or reporting purposes.

When to Use Azure SQL Data Sync

Although Azure SQL Data Sync isn’t a fit for every situation, it is ideal when a company has multiple copies of the same database that need to be synced. With Azure SQL Data Sync, you can configure one-way or bi-directional syncing of data between multiple SQL instances and the source databases can either be on-premise or in the Azure Cloud.

Azure SQL Databases have built-in support for transactional replication which only supports one-way replication with one read and write database. Azure SQL Data Sync provides functionality that is comparable to traditional SQL Merge Replication, but it is more robust and flexible.

Top 3 Benefits of Azure SQL Data Sync:

  • Synchronize between Azure SQL Database and any other SQL endpoints unidirectionally or bidirectionally. This flexible solution can be used in a myriad of scenarios.
  • Hybrid SQL deployment and local data access from Azure and on-premises application are flawless. You can easily merge data with various databases as long as the primary database exists in Azure.
  • Deploy applications globally with local write-able databases in each region that can be bi-directionally synced to a master SQL Azure Databases.

Azure SQL Data Sync brings support for complex replication to the Cloud

For companies that are dependent on SQL Merge Replication, there hasn’t been an easy path to the cloud. Azure SQL Data sync will help close the gap for these companies. Azure SQL Data Sync brings support for custom implementations and is less invasive to implement than using traditional SQL Merge replication.

Azure SQL Data Sync supports Azure SQL databases, Azure-hosted SQL Servers, on-premise SQL Servers, SQL in Azure Stack, and SQL servers hosted by another vendor. Azure SQL Data Sync is a well-rounded, proven solution for companies that need a reliable, streamlined synchronization solution.

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