• BDO Healthcare RX

    5 minutes or less to your future-focused diagnosis

Just like patients need a yearly check-up to make sure they’re healthy, your organization needs regular evaluations to make sure it’s on the right financial, clinical and technological tracks.

Healthcare RX, BDO’s proprietary tool, can help you answer critical questions about your organization’s health, including:

  • Is your current financial situation sustainable?
  • Are you the brand of choice in your patient population?
  • Is technology driving true transformation to deliver the future of care?


Is your healthcare organization healthy and hardy, or do you have room for improvement? 

The doctor is inget your diagnosis in five minutes or less


If you have a pop-up blocker enabled, you may need to disable it for the tool to display.

When you take the Healthcare RX quiz, in five minutes or less you’ll receive the following:

Your diagnosis,
which grades your organization’s performance by evaluating three key areas: financial health, clinical innovation and digital transformation.

Your prescription
for taking your organization to the next level, including actionable insights you can put into practice today.

Suggested solutions
that address your organization’s needs and move the needle forward on your priorities.




We’re here to answer your questions. You can reach out to a BDO Healthcare professional at any point for assistance or more information.

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