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By Restaurant Practice Leaders | February 28, 2017

Incentive Programs for Restaurateurs: Part 1

There are a number of ways to incentivize key employees at any restaurant operation. Over the course of this three-part blog post series, we will cover some of the incentive vehicles and plans used by restaurateurs starting with short... read more

By Restaurant Practice Leaders | December 12, 2016

The Counter: How Did Your Restaurant Fare?

Each quarter, we analyze operating results of publicly traded restaurants to reveal timely benchmarking information for the industry. The Q3 2016 edition of BDOs The Counter is now live and available for download. read more

By Adam Berebitsky | November 23, 2016

New Overtime Rule Suspended

On November 22, a Texas federal judge issued a nationwide temporary injunction, blocking for now the U.S. Department of Labor’s implementation of its new minimum salary requirement that was scheduled to take effect on Dec. 1, 2016. The... read more

By Lisa Haffer | November 14, 2016

2016 Year in Review: Tax Planning for Restaurants

As 2016 comes to an end, taxpayers need to be proactive in year-end tax planning. The Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act of 2015 (PATH Act), was signed into law in December 2015 and made many changes that are effective with 2016 tax... read more

By Restaurant Practice Leaders | September 14, 2016

The Counter: How Did Your Restaurant Fare?

Each quarter, we take a look at publicly traded restaurant companies’ operating results to provide insightful benchmarking information. In this issue of The Counter (previously known as quarterly Benchmarking Updates), we look at the... read more

By Valerie Voss | August 22, 2016

Should Your Restaurant Outsource Accounting Functions?

Standardizing and simplifying finance and accounting processes is an essential characteristic of a well-run organization. Whether the accounting function is in-house, co-sourced, or outsourced, it’s key for restaurants to ensure they... read more

By Adam Berebitsky | May 12, 2016

Proposed Non-Exempt Overtime Rules to Affect Restaurant Industry

During our recent Restaurant CFO Roundtable held May 4 in Solon, Ohio, labor attorneys Seth Briskin of Meyers, Roman, Friedberg & Lewis and Susan Rodgers of Buckingham, Doolittle & Burroughs, discussed the Department of Labor’s (DOL... read more

By Restaurant Practice Leaders | February 18, 2016

Who’s the Boss?: Changes in Joint Employer Liability

Last April, the restaurant industry warily watched as a series of National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) hearings sought to name fast-food giant McDonald's as a joint employer with its individual franchisees.  read more

By Tom Ziemba | January 22, 2016

Compensation Strategy in the Restaurant Industry

In step with the industry as a whole, compensation for restaurant managers and professionals is evolving faster than ever to support increased focus on–and demand for–enhanced customer experience.  read more

By Giselle El Biri | December 16, 2015

To Bonus or Not to Bonus

Bonuses are used as a tool to help motivate employees—from the front of the house to the back of the house—to reach quantitative and qualitative performance goals. Bonuses can also help attract and retain and talent. read more