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By Restaurant Practice Leaders | September 04, 2015

Coaching restaurant owners on succession planning

Proactive succession planning is fundamental to owning a successful restaurant business. read more

By Restaurant Practice Leaders | July 24, 2015

How the Restaurant CFO Role is Evolving

Until recent years, a restaurant CFO job description required accounting experience, street smarts and good character.  read more

By Lisa Haffer | June 01, 2015

FICA Tip Credit under Fire on Capitol Hill and the White House

It's no secret that there's gridlock in Washington, but a Congressman and the White House have come together to agree on one issue: repeal of the FICA tip credit (IRC section 45B) as part of larger tax reform packages. read more

By Restaurant Practice Leaders | May 14, 2015

401(k) Plan Compliance: Understanding Audit Requirements

Does your 401(k) Plan need an audit? With the July 31st reporting deadline for employee benefit plan Form 5500s quickly approaching, it’s important for restaurants to be familiar with the 401(k) audit compliance rules before it... read more

By Restaurant Practice Leaders | February 12, 2015

Make Sure Your 401(k) Plan is in Compliance

By now, you should have completed requests from your third-party administrator (TPA) regarding employee census data, including dates of birth, dates of hire, number of hours worked last year, and... read more

By Restaurant Practice Leaders | August 01, 2014

NLRB Ruling Rocks Franchise Industry

A new ruling by the National Labor Relations Board, which states McDonald’s is the joint employer of franchise workers, could have far reaching impact on franchising at other companies... read more

By Restaurant Practice Leaders | July 15, 2014

Legal Pitfalls of Wage and Hour Issues

Confused by wage-related legislative changes? What about proper classification of employees, minimum wage pay, and overtime pay calculations? read more

By Restaurant Practice Leaders | June 18, 2014

Expensing Termination Benefits for GAAP Purposes

 It is important to know the date of the decision to terminate employment so you can determine when to properly expense termination benefits for GAAP purposes read more

By Restaurant Practice Leaders | June 18, 2014

Form 5500 Filing Tip: Be Sure to Use the Correct Principal Business Activity Code

If your company is required to complete a Form 5500 (Annual Return/Report of Employee Benefit Plan), be aware that the list of principal business activity codes has changed since last year.<... read more

By Restaurant Practice Leaders | March 13, 2014

IRS Issues New ACA Reporting Requirements

On March 5, the IRS issued two important reporting requirements for employers under the Affordable Care Act: Code Section 6055 and Code Section 6056 read more