Event Recap: Winning Strategies for a Successful Deal

Last month, BDO and Trinity Capital co-hosted the first annual Winning Strategies for a Successful Deal conference in Marina Del Rey. The conference explored a number of themes, touching on innovation, industry growth and pain points as well as helpful tips for those exploring M&A. 
Attendees heard from Taco Bell CEO Brian Niccol regarding brand strategy, social media and plans to grow the business. He explained how the culture at Taco Bell is innovative from his perspective, and is fueled by ideas from all levels in the organization. One recent innovation they have experimented with is putting kiosks in a few locations. The technology has been received well and showed that consumers tend to order more when using the kiosk.
Kevin Burke from Trinity Capital gave a market update highlighting millennials and the influence they are having in driving trends, specifically for fast casual and quick service restaurants. He also spoke about the current political environment and how when coupled with employee healthcare costs and the increasingly vocal call for an elevated federal minimum wage, many operators are being forced to consider implementing automated technologies into their locations. Because of this shift toward automation, many newer restaurant concepts are adopting technology and delivery solutions.
Larry Braun, a leading M&A attorney, spoke to the group about negotiations and the anatomy of a purchase and sales agreement. Mr. Braun made it clear that those looking to close a deal should assemble a “dream team,” including an investment banker, M&A lawyer and tax advisor.
Financial and tax due diligence is a necessity for sellers to perform in conjunction with the sale of a company. This will help control the sale process and bridge the gap between the buyer’s and seller’s objectives. Understanding tax structures and modeling the tax implications will help to minimize tax liabilities and maximize after-tax proceeds.
When it comes to post-deal integration, speakers discussed how planning and preparation are key to success. Businesses need to look at people, process and technology from the beginning of the transition to the strategic “end-state” operating model.

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