Webinar: Avoiding the Iceberg and Maintaining Organizational Health

Does your organization have cash flow issues? Is your organization meeting its short and long-term goals? Has your nonprofit lost its mission-driven focus?

Don’t let the “tip of the iceberg” problems become your organization’s Titanic. It’s important that organizations identify whether their nonprofit is healthy, at a crossroads, in conflict, or is faced with a full-blown crisis. Almost all organizations have the potential to be saved and taught to prosper despite their size, the condition of the economy, or competition.

On Thursday, October 5, the latest webinar in the BDO KNOWLEDGE Nonprofit and Education Webinar Series examines the operational issues vital to keeping nonprofits afloat. With Paul Jan Zdunek, managing director of BDO’s Nonprofit & Education Advisory Services, presenting, the webinar aims to help organizations assess their own health and understand and identify the signs of a looming crisis, with examples from real-life case studies. Tune in from 1-2 p.m. EDT on October 5 to learn more.

Participants will earn one CPE credit in the field of Specialized Knowledge. Sign up here.

If you can’t join us for the webinar, check back on back here and follow @BDONonprofit on Twitter for a podcast recording.