How Did the Government Shutdown Affect Federal Grant-Receiving Organizations?

The first government shutdown in 17 years ended just under a week ago, with a compromise squeaking through the legislative process ahead of a looming debt ceiling breach. In the first few days of the shutdown, we offered an overview of how it was impacting the nonprofit and higher education industries; we expected that most in the sector would feel the strain to one degree or another, depending on how much their activities and programs interact with the Federal government on an ongoing basis.

However, organizations who rely heavily on Federal grants to fund their activities felt the pinch particularly hard. Our own Eric Sobota, a managing director in BDO’s Government Contracting practice, recently spoke with Federal Grants and Contracts about ways organizations could shield themselves from the impact of future shutdowns by bolstering their cash reserves. The full story can be found online.

Was your organization affected by the shutdown? Have you developed a contingency plan for similar potential interruptions to your operations?