Results from Reader Survey: Which Issues Are on Your Radar for 2015?

It’s been an eventful year for the nonprofit sector.  Following systemic healthcare reform, technological transformations and potential changes to the U.S. tax code, many organizations are busy reflecting on the past year and evaluating their strategic plans for 2015.

A few weeks ago, we conducted a survey on the Nonprofit Standard to learn more about what nonprofit issues are on the radar for our readers in 2015. We asked you about the scope of your organization’s work and focus, along with the most urgent concerns you have for the months ahead. Here’s what we found:

“Financial Management Issues” cited as top concern. For the second year in a row, a plurality (32 percent) of respondents claimed financial management issues were their biggest concern for 2015. As Lee Klumpp noted earlier this month, given heightened competition for financial resources and the residual scarcity of funding since the recession, it’s not surprising that fundraising and revenue generation are top of mind for nonprofits as we head into the New Year. Other respondents’ top concerns—including succession planning, tax legislation, economic uncertainty and reputational risks—were spread out evenly across the board, meaning that we’ll remain focused on providing you with a range of insights and best practices on how to mitigate these risks and their impact on your organization.

Our readers are primarily focused on their own communities and populations. As we’ve found through our past surveys, much of our readership works with national or local nonprofits. This year’s survey found similar results, with a roughly even split between local and national organizations to complement our smaller contingent of international readers. Looking ahead to 2015, we’ll continue to deliver a range of posts and resources focused on breaking news and legislative changes, including topics related to higher education, healthcare, international NGOs and charitable giving trends.

We maintain a diverse readership that works across the entire nonprofit industry. As we’ve seen time and again, respondents are engaged within all types of nonprofit organizations—from public charities and trade associations, to colleges and universities, to private foundations and international NGOs. We’re excited to report that we also noted a growing number of health and human services organizations represented in the mix this year. While we work hard to include relevant analysis for our many readers, we hope that you will continue to reach out to our team in the year ahead to let us know which issues you’re most interested in.
We’ve sincerely enjoyed engaging with our readers on the Nonprofit Standard blog in 2014, and are thrilled for another exciting year. Be sure to leave us a message in the comments section below, connect with us on Twitter and keep your eyes peeled for more insights from BDO’s Nonprofit and Education practice in the months ahead!