VIDEO SERIES: Lee Klumpp on the FASB’s Nonprofit Accounting Standards Updates – and How You Can be Prepared

Recently, our own Lee Klumpp recently sat down with Accounting Today to discuss the latest development in the FASB’s Not-For-Profit Financial Statement Reporting Project, the resulting changes to nonprofit accounting standards that are rapidly coming down the pipeline. In this four-part video series, Lee shares the key provisions in the standards and what they mean for the financial reporting for nonprofits of all sizes. He also provides helpful advice on how nonprofit leaders can be prepared for these new standards, and offers an insider look into how the industry is reacting to the proposed changes.

Part 1: FASB’s Upcoming Changes in Nonprofit Accounting Standards
Part 2: Trifecta of Accounting Standards Hitting Nonprofits
Part 3: Preparing for Upcoming Nonprofit Accounting Standards
Part 4: Reaction to FASB Nonprofit Accounting Changes