Reader Quiz: Does Your Nonprofit’s Development Plan Need Refreshing?

In an era when nonprofits can be criticized by donors and watchdog groups for spending too much on fundraising, some organizations shy away from making critical investments in their development efforts—investments which, in the long run, could substantially improve their financial stability.

In her recent post, “With Charitable Giving Tactics Old and New, Nimble Nonprofits Win”, Laurie De Armond offered insights into evolving shifts in donor behavior and the need for organizations to adapt their fundraising strategies. With these shifts in mind, we’ve created a new reader checklist quiz with questions that nonprofits should consider when determining whether their overall development plan needs refreshing. While not all of the questions can be weighed equally, if you answer “No” to more than five (or score below 65 percent), it may be a sign that your organization needs to strategically reconsider its development plan.

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