By Healthcare Practice Leaders | August 07, 2017

Watch: 6 Things to Know About Healthcare’s Cyber Threat Landscape

Businesses stand to lose $400 billion globally from ransomware. For healthcare, though, the costs are greater: On average, each breach costs about $7 million—and human safety is on the line. Watch as BDO’s John Riggi and Patrick Pilch discuss the industry’s cyber threat...

By Healthcare Practice Leaders | July 18, 2017

How to Enable, Implement, Measure and Reward the “Value” in Value-Based Care

Industry pressures associated with demographic shifts, rising drug costs, healthcare spending cuts and complex disease conditions all challenge healthcare’s ability to attain value. We outline four key ingredients to making value-based care a functional reality.

By Healthcare Practice Leaders | July 06, 2017

What Healthcare Organizations Should Know About Petya-like Cyberattack

The global cyberattack potentially modeled after Petya did not inflict as much damage to the healthcare sector as WannaCry, but healthcare organizations should still be mindful. Here’s what they need to know.

By Healthcare Practice Leaders | June 30, 2017

BDO’s New Nonprofit Survey: Spotlight on Healthcare Finances & Funding

BDO’s first nonprofit survey, Nonprofit Standards, which polled nonprofits nationwide on strategic planning, operations and board governance, includes new data specific to health and human services (HHS) organizations that speaks to the unique challenges healthcare...

By Healthcare Practice Leaders | June 15, 2017

Hospitals: How to Tackle Your Stranded Assets Under Value-based Care

Healthcare’s transition to a value-based reimbursement system has left the hospital sector with a vast physical infrastructure of strategic assets that can now be consider uneconomic—or stranded. We unpack how hospitals can tackle this challenge.

By Healthcare Practice Leaders | June 08, 2017

Hospitals: How a Proposed CMS Rule Would Adjust HRRP Penalties by Proportion of Dual-Eligible Patients

CMS recently proposed a rule that would serve as a first step in creating a more level playing field for safety-net hospitals under value-based reimbursement. Our new alert explains how the rule would group hospitals, and what you need to know to adjust your financial risk...

By Healthcare Practice Leaders | May 31, 2017

WannaCry Aftermath: What to Know About Insurance for Ransomware Attacks

The May 12 WannaCry ransomware attack, potentially the largest the world has seen, hit healthcare the hardest. Beyond defense, it’s also important to consider mitigation measures in the event your organization does fall victim to a ransomware attack. Step one? Insurance.

By Laura Kalick | May 23, 2017

Nonprofit Hospitals: How could proposed tax reform impact you?

The White House’s preliminary tax plan, released in late April, may have implications for individual giving habits. Nonprofit healthcare organizations should keep a watchful eye and plan for the potential changes. While the Internal Revenue Code hasn’t seen a major overhaul...

By Healthcare Practice Leaders | May 18, 2017

WannaCry: How Healthcare Organizations Can Protect Against it & Other Ransomware Strains

The May 12 WannaCry ransomware attack took down 47 of the U.K.’s 248 National Health System (NHS) trusts. As of May 15, seven were still recovering. The attack, potentially the largest the world has seen, hit healthcare—an industry uniquely at risk to cyber incidents—the hardest.

By Healthcare Practice Leaders | May 09, 2017

6 Trends Pharma Should Follow: BDO Life Sciences Letter Explains

Changes to global tax laws, rising drug pricing pressures and uncertainty around healthcare reform are just a few developments the pharma industry is watching. In the Spring 2017 Life Sciences Letter, BDO explores these topics and more, featuring insights from Scott Gottlieb...