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Healthcare’s 5-year Cyber Outlook: Predictions with AHA

U.S. healthcare organizations saw nearly 290 large-scale data breaches (those impacting 500 or more individuals) last year. Here are some of our predictions for cybersecurity in healthcare over the next five years, as told in our article... read more

By Venson Wallin | October 25, 2016

Tuomey Settlement Marks New Day for Individual Accountability in Healthcare

We knew this day was coming. The Yates Memo told us so. But for healthcare, the recent $1 million settlement between the former CEO of Tuomey Healthcare and the Justice Department turned individual accountability from a theory into a... read more

Getting a Clean Bill Out the Door

Alternative reimbursement methods like bundled payments have increased the complexity of getting a clean healthcare bill out the door. At the same time, margins are under pressure and the Department of Justice is ramping up its efforts... read more

Supreme Court Ruling on the False Claims Act: Providing Whistleblowers a Wider Net?

When it comes to quality-based reimbursements, healthcare organizations face greater compliance risk, and the recent Supreme Court decision to uphold the “implied false certification” theory of liability under the False Claims Act (FCA... read more

Network Segmentation Key to Mitigating Ransomware Risk for Hospitals

When it comes to ransomware in healthcare, one key to survival is really just like any other infection: it’s all about quarantine. read more

U.S. Government Introduces Healthcare Cybersecurity Resource Website

In 2015, healthcare was the most frequently attacked industry – surpassing financial services and resulting in more than 100 million compromised health records, according to the 2016 Cyber Security Intelligence Index. read more

Healthcare Fraud: DOJ is at the Door, but Providers Still Face a Measurement Problem in Medicine

The Department of Justice today announced what it calls the largest healthcare fraud takedown in U.S. history. It alleges that $900 million in false Medicare billing was committed by 301 clinical professionals. read more

How to Adjust Risk Metrics and Payments to Protect High-Complexity Patients’ Care

As payments to physicians and provider organizations increasingly are based on outcome metrics, and as ACOs form to care for patient populations, the healthiest and lowest-risk patients will bring the highest margins to providers unless... read more