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Getting a Clean Bill Out the Door

Alternative reimbursement methods like bundled payments have increased the complexity of getting a clean healthcare bill out the door. At the same time, margins are under pressure and the Department of Justice is ramping up its efforts... read more

By Karen Meador | March 08, 2016

Nurturing Change in Community Health

As hospitals move toward taking responsibility for the health of those outside their walls, the role of community care resources will grow – but only as quickly as the resources that feed them. read more

By Venson Wallin | November 24, 2015

New CMS Rules Ease Some Complications with Stark Law

On November 16, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) published its final Medicare physician fee schedule rule in the Federal Register, which includes important updates to the federal physician self-referral law... read more

Employee Stock Ownership Plans: A New Source of Capital?

Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) have proven themselves to be a successful company ownership structure for a wide variety of businesses. In an ESOP, owners sell to a benefit plan (the ESOP), and employees receive ownership in their... read more

By William Bithoney | June 09, 2015

Partnerships Between Behavioral Health & Telemedicine Drive Real Value and Impact Outcomes

The behavioral health and medical care delivery systems have long been separate, but the tides are changing. We’re seeing that increased efforts to grow behavioral health service capacity through better integration with clinical... read more

Getting AMPed up for Physician Compensation Models

The days of maximizing daily patient visits are waning, with the emphasis on visit quantity being replaced by quality – visits of value. As the drivers of healthcare reimbursement continue to refocus on new performance-based models... read more