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3 Foundational Shifts in Healthcare

Three foundational shifts are behind major healthcare developments: mandates to choice, regulation to competition, and subsidies to actuarial soundness. Here’s what they mean for healthcare’s stakeholders. read more

Designing a Consumer-Centric Telehealth Experience

A confluence of technology advances makes now the time for healthcare organizations to embrace telehealth as part of long-term strategies. Our latest blog explains the key pillars of a consumer-centric execution plan. read more

How to Enable, Implement, Measure and Reward the “Value” in Value-Based Care

Industry pressures associated with demographic shifts, rising drug costs, healthcare spending cuts and complex disease conditions all challenge healthcare’s ability to attain value. We outline four key ingredients to making value-based... read more

BDO Knows Healthcare Newsletter Explores Cyber Response, Valuation Methods & More

The healthcare industry is facing major transformation, driven by reforms brewing in Washington and the longer-term transition toward a value-based reimbursement model. As lawmakers continue to grapple with the complexities of revising... read more

5 Forces Disrupting Healthcare with or Without Washington

Move aside, Washington. These five revolutionary forces are disrupting healthcare regardless of what happens to the Affordable Care Act. read more

Why Hospitals Should Look for Ways to Transform Their Business Models

Political uncertainty aside, it's a tough environment for hospitals. Patrick Pilch recently spoke to HFM Magazine about what hospitals should expect in the near-term - and what trends they should keep an eye on - to remain financially... read more

By Paul T. Williams, Jr. | November 09, 2016

Telehealth and the Future of Healthcare: An Interview with John Webb, Founder of Quantum Reach

We interviewed John Webb, a literal rocket scientist who worked on the space shuttle program and started Quantum Reach. This venture capital hybrid helps early-stage companies with strategy development and execution, 80 percent of them... read more

BDO Knows Healthcare Summer 2016 Newsletter

By now, we all know that changing reimbursement models in healthcare have started a revolution in the space–with those able to capitalize on the changing investment opportunities in a fragmented market coming out on top. In the Summer... read more

By Karen Meador | March 08, 2016

Nurturing Change in Community Health

As hospitals move toward taking responsibility for the health of those outside their walls, the role of community care resources will grow – but only as quickly as the resources that feed them. read more