BDO Knows Healthcare Fall 2015 Newsletter

How will healthcare providers adapt to the growing global market for telemedicine and the demand for telehealth services? Find out this and more in the latest BDO Knows Healthcare newsletter from The BDO Center for Healthcare Excellence & Innovation. In this edition, our leading clinical and business advisory professionals explore the opportunities in telehealth, the latest on the Cadillac tax and more.
  • William Bithoney discusses how several market dynamics are driving up the demand for telehealth services and the opportunities it offers hospitals.
  • A PErspective in Healthcare feature further examines the field of telehealth and why it is ripe for private equity investment.
  • Patrick Pilch describes the latest on the “Cadillac tax” debate and how providers can better manage their healthcare risks, whether or not the tax is repealed.
  • Laura Kalick explains what 501(c)(3) hospitals should be doing to avoid penalties as the 501(r) deadline approaches.
  • Patrick Pilch explores how providers can build a sustainable measurement strategy for value-based payments.
  • John Barry and Nanda Gopal warn organizations about the potential revenue recognition accounting pitfalls they may face when working with new healthcare reimbursement models, including once FASB’s ASC 606, Revenue from Contracts with Customers, takes effect in 2018.
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