Podcast: Money-based Guarantee – The Next Drug Pricing Model?

Tying drug prices to patient outcomes sounds simple on paper, but two main questions have yet to be answered: How do you define value-based care, and how do you measure it? While these are simple-sounding considerations, finding adequate answers is not easy.
Value-based care has been heralded as the key to lowering drug prices. Popular support for patient-centric care has grown, and the FDA recently stated that it wants to promote that model as a method for lowering drug prices.

Defining and measuring value-based care can involve balancing competing factors. Should the primary definition for value-based care be whether a patient’s health improved, or a measure of their comfort during treatment? How should cost come into play?

Deciding on a single measure, or weighing a combination of measures, is a complex but necessary process to limit unintended consequences.

To learn more about what future models for drug pricing and patient care might look like, listen to Dr. David Friend, managing director and chief transformation officer of The BDO Center for Healthcare Excellence & Innovation, and a panel of industry leaders in the fourth episode of BDO's Healthcare Rx Podcast here.  

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