To IPO or Not IPO - That is the Question...Many Retailers Are Mulling

In the last year, retailers have increasingly considered going public. Etsy and Fitbit recently took the plunge, taking advantage of a healthy economy armed with a strong dollar and low commodity costs, and consumers looking to spend.

While many retailers are preparing to move in on the opportunity to IPO, many are still weighing the risks and rewards of such a move. Our own Natalie Kotlyar, along with her colleagues, Gary Shamis and Dustin Minton, discuss these and more in a recent Retail Customer Experience article. They share that when considering an IPO, companies need to look beyond the current business landscape, and evaluate the long-term profitability of being publicly traded. In fact, before making the jump, retailers should review the following:
  • The effects of a heightened regulatory environment
  • What new stakeholder pressures mean
  • The true landscape of funding
  • Internal factors that could affect growth potential
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