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Minimizing Tax Liability without QIP Guidance

Lack of clarity around the tax treatment of Qualified Improvement Property (QIP) under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA) may result in higher than expected tax bills for retailers that made renovations and improvements during 2018... read more

State and Local Tax Considerations for Retailers Closing Their Doors

As the retail industry evolves to become more dependent on e-commerce, many traditional brick-and-mortar brands are moving online to internet sales. Subsequently, these retailers are planning to close some, if not all, of their physical... read more

Why Pursue a Franchisee Compliance Audit Program?

Is your company leaving money on the table? Do you know everything about what your business partner is doing and how they are doing it? Anytime there is a contract between two parties that requires some form of self-reporting and payment... read more

Whos the Boss?: Changes in Joint Employer Liability

Last April, the restaurant and consumer business industries warily watched as a series of National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) hearings sought to name fast-food giant McDonalds as a joint employer with its individual franchisees. read more

By Scott Ziemer | September 24, 2015

What do retailers need to know about the changing dynamics in how states tax sales?

According to federal law, a state may not impose a tax based on net income on a retailer that limits its in-state activity to solicitation of sales of goods, orders are sent outside the state for approval, and, if approved, are filled by... read more

How Changes in Joint Employer Liability Could Impact the Franchising Industry

Earlier this week, a series of hearings in the National Labor Relations Board case against McDonalds Corp began, ushering in what is likely to be a long process of ruling whether the company is to be considered a joint employer, and... read more

Three Tips for Franchising Success

Earlier this month, we had the pleasure of attending and sponsoring the annual FaegreBD Franchising Summit. While slowed consumer spending and a lively national debate around minimum wage rates and unionization have made for a... read more

Infographic: 5 Questions Franchisors Should Ask When Going International

Last month, Karen Stone touched upon several key tax concerns for franchisors to consider if they are thinking about expanding internationally. For those franchisors looking to capitalize on healthy appetite for American brands overseas,... read more

By Karen Stone | March 31, 2014

Top 5 Tax Issues for Franchisors to Think About When Going International

Franchisors always have their ears to the ground for new and exciting growth opportunities. For newer franchisors, these opportunities may be found stateside, whether theyre looking to expand within their home state or to explore new... read more