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BDO professionals believe in the importance of staying on top of new trends, issues, and regulations. Viewed as industry leaders, our professionals are often turned to as media sources regularly appearing in major business journals, industry publications and media outlets. The following list is a sample of recent articles highlighting BDO’s Retail & Consumer Products practice

May 2019:
Don’t Just Survive – How to Thrive in the Changing Retail Landscape (The Robin Report)
“[Retail] Thrivers have the data, know how to read it and are not afraid to act on it to propel their business forward. Survivors are focused on the here and now, which means they will be left behind as the pace of change accelerates, because it surely won’t slow down,” according to BDO’s Natalie Kotlyar.

April 2019:
Retail Downsizing Will Accelerate, As UBS Predicts 75,000 Stores Will Be Forced To Close By 2026 (Forbes)
“Industry dynamics will inevitably favor those who are thinking long-term,” writes BDO’s Natalie Kotlyar

More Retail Bankruptcy Filings Could be on the Way in 2019 (Sourcing Journal)
When the recession comes, it will be a lot harder for retailers to restructure their debt and reorganize, according to BDO’s David Berliner

March 2019:
Steady Pace of Retailer Bankruptcy Filings, Store Closures Expected in 2019 (Wall Street Journal)
“Retailers with heavy debt burdens and large brick-and-mortar footprints aren’t likely to reap the benefits of a strong job market and rising wages,” according to BDO’s Retail in the Red report.

February 2019:
BDO survey: Retailers preparing for downturn (Chain Store Age)
“Playing catch-up in perpetuity is preventing retailers from seizing new opportunities and leapfrogging the competition,” said BDO’s Natalie Kotlyar
New forecast from the NRF projects retail growth will slow in 2019 (Business Insider)
44% of all retailers are actively preparing for a market correction, according to data from BDO’s Retail Rationalized Survey.
Amazon Sales Growth Slows To 20% In Q4, Prompting Stock Drop (Retail Touchpoints)
The key to sustaining momentum for Amazon may lie in exclusivity, as they have already won on convenience and variety, according to BDO’s Natalie Kotlyar
January 2019:
Landlords Relish—or Fear—J.C. Penney Store Closings (Wall Street Journal)
How will retail landlords and mall owners navigate big box closures? BDO’s David Berliner shared his take.
In liquidation, Sears assets could lure bids from other retailers (S&P Global)
After a liquidation, landlords could be tempted to divide stores into spaces for multiple retailers, according to BDO’s David Berliner.
December 2018:
4 steps businesses should take to define and measure e-commerce success (Dallas Business Journal)
How can retailers gauge their ecommerce success? BDO’s Natalie Kotlyar shares four important steps to creating a stronger measurement strategy.
November 2018:
9 Off-The-Radar Retail Predictions For 2019 (Forbes)
According to the BDO 2018 Holiday Consumer Beat Survey, nearly one in five consumers shops online specifically to avoid paying sales taxes.
Survey: Good deals beat novelty in holiday shopping (Chain Store Age)
“Flashy perks and overnight delivery won’t necessarily mean consumers are willing to break the bank. They purchase with intention,” said BDO’s Natalie Kotlyar.
Have Attitudes About Online Sales Tax Changed? (eMarketer Retail)
In the past year, 19% of US internet users said they bought from online retailers specifically to avoid paying sales tax, according to BDO.

October 2018:
Rizzo’s Take: Retailer Brand Names Remain Winners in Bankruptcy (WSJ Pro Bankruptcy)
Nearly 3,840 stores were closed in the first half of 2018, according to data from BDO’s Retail in the Red report.

Retail Briefing: How to bankruptcy-proof a store (Digiday)  
David Berliner discusses ways retailers can stay out of bankruptcy including shuttering underperforming stores.

BDO provides retail bankruptcy update (Chain Store Age)
Findings from BDO’s Retail in the Red report were featured in Chain Store Age.

Retail Picture Brightens but More Store Closures Likely (WSJ Pro Bankruptcy)
“While distress in the retail sector is slowing, retailers saddled with too many stores still face issues,” according to data from BDO’s Retail in the Red report.

September 2018:
2018 Notable Women in Accounting & Consulting (Crain’s New York Business)
Natalie Kotlyar, leader of BDO’s national Retail & Consumer Products practice, is featured on Crain’s inaugural list of notable women in accounting and consulting.

Pulling back the curtain on tax reform (Franchise Times)
How are franchise businesses impacted by tax reform? “It’s a very positive benefit for profitable operators,” Scott Ziemer tells Franchise Times.

How Fintech is Reinventing the Stodgy Finance Industry – Tax Talk Sidebar (Footwear News)
Why might small retailers be hit harder than large retailers following the South Dakota v. Wayfair decision? Natalie Kotlyar shares her take with Footwear News.

August 2018:
Brookstone Files for Bankruptcy as Web Shoppers Leave It Behind (Wall Street Journal)
Brookstone is not alone in shuttering stores. There were about 9,000 store closures in 2017 and that number is expected to rise this year, according to BDO’s latest Retail in the Red report.

July 2018:
Retailer Brookstone Seeks Bankruptcy Financing (Wall Street Journal)
Retail store closures are expected to rise this year, according to BDO’s latest Retail in the Red report.

Prime Day Drives Reported 89% Sales Boost in First 12 Hours Despite Early Site Crash (Retail Touchpoints)
Natalie Kotlyar shares her thoughts on this year’s record-breaking shopping holiday.

June 2018:
How Industrial Loses Under South Dakota V. Wayfair (
Natalie Kotlyar explains why the South Dakota v. Wayfair decision impacts smaller retailers the most.

Luxury retailers may see more foot traffic after Supreme Court ecommerce ruling (Luxury Daily)
How could the South Dakota v. Wayfair decision affect luxury retailers? Natalie Kotlyar and Jennifer Valdivia share their thoughts.

Supreme Court online tax decision sends smaller businesses reeling (NBC News)
Rocky Cummings discusses how the Supreme Court’s overturning of Quill will impact states.

Go deeper: How the online sales tax ruling will affect consumers (Axios)
Eric Fader analyzes why online retailers are looking to Congress for clarity on the Supreme Court’s Wayfair decision.

Retail Roundup: Amazon-Proof Strategies, 7 Reasons to Stay Bullish (Barron’s)
Natalie Kotlyar shares her insights on how retailers can survive – and even thrive – in an Amazon world.

May 2018:
How Footwear Brands Can Get Ready for GDPR (Footwear News)
Natalie Kotlyar discusses the repercussions of noncompliance with GDPR.
April 2018:
The jury’s out on how SCOTUS will rule on Wayfair (Accounting Today)
Natalie Kotlyar and Katherine Gauntt discuss the Supreme Court’s upcoming ruling in South Dakota v. Wayfair.
Retailers Beware -- Consumers Aren't Shopping With Tax Money (Bloomberg Technology)
66 percent of respondents to BDO’s 2018 Consumer Beat Survey said they will not be contributing more to the economy after tax season. Thus, retailers may not see the boost they were expecting, says Natalie Kotlyar.
Retail defaults hit an all-time high in early 2018 (Retail Dive)
While retail execs predicted consistent bankruptcy filings this year, according to our 2018 Retail Compass Survey of CxOs, retail debt defaults hit an all-time high in Q1. David Berliner shares insights about bankrupt retailers’ chances for survival.
Bon-Ton to Liquidate Stores (The Wall Street Journal)
Bon-Ton’s liquidation announcement arrives after many attempts to resurrect the brand. Retailers should expect a significant increase in store closures this year, as BDO’s recent Bankruptcy Update reveals.
Lessons From Bon-Ton's Plan To Avoid Liquidation (
After a Hail Mary bid from landlords Washington Prime Group and Namdar Realty Group hit a snag in court, liquidation is looking likely for Bon-Ton. David Berliner weighs in on how Seritage’s turnaround model might have been effective for the struggling department store.
Money from tax reform will not go to retail (FierceRetail)
Consumers who say they’ll spend at least some increased discretionary income from tax reform and their 2017 tax returns plan to treat themselves to entertainment, according to BDO’s 2018 Consumer Beat Survey. Natalie Kotlyar offers tips on how retailers can try and capture some of this spending.