Results from Reader Survey: How Will 100 Retail CFOs Feel about 2015?

Last week, we asked you, our readers, to share your expectations regarding results from our ninth annual Retail Compass Survey of CFOs. Before we release the first round of survey results next week, we’d like to share with you the responses from the reader survey.

This year, you offered an optimistic outlook on 2015 sales projections, which isn’t surprising considering the solid gains retailers saw at the end of 2014, along with ongoing growth in consumer confidence levels. Speaking of, you predicted that when it comes to consumer confidence, CFOs will be most concerned about the impact of fuel prices and financial market volatility—both of which are no doubt top of mind for retailers, analysts and consumers alike as we move through Q1. Finally, as news of Staples’ merger with Office Depot breaks, CFOs are in tune with the effects of further industry consolidation. A majority (53 percent) of you predicted that retail CFOs will expect M&A activity to increase this year.

For a full breakdown of readers’ responses, check out the charts below. Meanwhile, stay tuned to the blog next week as we release the first full round of survey results on sales projections, consumer confidence predictions, top risks and more.

1. When asked whether total sales projections of retail CFOs will be optimistic, modest or dim, our readers responded:

2. When asked whether CFOs will expect M&A activity to increase, decrease or remain the same in 2015, readers responded:

3. When asked which factors will impact 2015 consumer confidence according to retail CFOs, readers responded: