Mobile Marketing Matters When it Comes to Unlocking Omnichannels Fullest Potential

With Cyber Monday sales now outpacing those of Black Friday, it is clear that retailers need to ensure their presence stretches across bricks and clicks. And they are, according to the latest results from our 10th Annual Retail Compass Survey of CMOs, a survey of 100 CMOs at leading retailers throughout the country.

Our survey revealed that the number of retail CMOs using mobile in their holiday marketing mix increased for the third consecutive year. This is also the first year mobile marketing is being used by the majority of CMOs. Approximately two-thirds (65 percent) of CMOs will tap into mobile, up from 49 percent in 2014. It’s not surprising more retailers want to capitalize on mobile, according to according to IBM Watson Trend, which tracks millions of transactions on retail websites, mobile traffic accounted for nearly half of all online traffic and 27.6 percent of all online sales Monday, which is up more than 25 percent from last year.

Retailers’ increasing attention on mobile could also be attributed to their growing knowledge of omnichannel. More than half of those surveyed (60 percent) indicated familiarity with the concept of an enhanced omnichannel approach, and a little more than a third (37 percent) of those respondents report adjusting their marketing strategy to provide customers with a cohesive experience across channels. The top strategy, cited by nearly all retailers (98 percent) who are at least slightly familiar with omnichannel and have changed their marketing strategy in response, is relying on consistent pricing across channels to grow customers’ satisfaction, followed by consistent promotional strategies (77 percent) and expansion of delivery options (63 percent).

As more and more retailers expand their digital presence, they remain aware of the challenges e-retailing presents from a data management and security perspective. Confirming this is the growing majority of retailers (89 percent), up from 72 percent last year, who find it challenging to manage the vast amount of customer data available. However as consumers demonstrate an increasing preference to push check-out instead of stand in one, retailers continue to break new digital ground to grow their sales, despite potential data risks.