BDO Celebrates National Mentoring Month

National Mentoring Month recognizes the powerful impact of support, perspective and guidance made possible through mentoring relationships. Mentorships provide an invaluable opportunity for individuals of any background or experience level to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to achieve their professional goals. 

BDO prioritizes opportunities for intentional connection and growth but acknowledges there is no one-size-fits-all approach to professional development. As such, we offer diverse mentoring programs that align with a variety of preferences, learning styles and comfort levels. From traditional leader-apprentice mentoring to peer-led mentoring groups to reverse mentoring, these relationships play a critical role in enhancing the experiences and overall success of our people.

Our Peer Mentoring Circles allow BDO professionals with similar interests and experiences to connect with, learn from and support their fellow colleagues. Since the program’s inception, over 2,000 of our people have taken part in this initiative championed by our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion team, exchanging lessons learned and cultivating meaningful relationships.

Read on for some of our professionals’ perspectives on the value of mentorship. 

Headshot of Luna Mishoe.

People are the best investment you can make. I enjoy connecting with others and learning new perspectives… I’m excited to participate in the Peer Mentoring Circles where we can share ideas, exchange perspectives and empower each other.

Luna Mishoe
Assurance Experienced Senior, Prospective Peer Mentoring Circles Participant

Headshot of Laura Sceerey.

[Mentors] can fill in knowledge gaps and offer different perspectives. When you’re learning early in your career, you realize experience takes a long time to acquire; but you can accelerate it when somebody gives you direction and shows their support.

Laura Sceerey
BDO Digital Practice Leader, Mentee

Headshot of Ezra Jones Calado.

Peer Mentoring Circles give BDO professionals a space to chat with each other in confidence, respectfully share their ideas and listen without judgement… Peer mentoring is not defined by your title or experience, but rather creating connections through respect, openness and collaboration. It helped that everyone who participated was coming from a place of curiosity and willingness to be vulnerable around others.

Ezra Jones Calado
Assurance Senior, Peer Mentoring Circles Participant

Headshot of Bob Compere.

As a mentor, you have the opportunity to give someone space to feel seen and heard… Empowerment gives others a reason to try harder.

Bob Compere
BDO Digital Segment Leader, Mentor

Headshot of Tan Nguyen.

I’m grateful for the Peer Mentoring Circles because, otherwise, I would not have met these great professionals. It was an opportunity to learn about different cultures, compare experiences and help each other navigate the corporate environment.

Tan Nguyen
Assurance Specialty Practice Senior, Peer Mentoring Circles Participant