Championing Mental Health: Insights from BDO Leaders

For many, mental health is an increasingly important topic that profoundly impacts individuals both personally and professionally. We understand that the strength of our firm relies on the well-being of our people, which is why BDO is committed to making mental health awareness and education a priority in our organization. We strive to foster a culture of care and empathy where everyone feels supported, valued, and empowered to thrive.

Central to our strategy is BDO LIFE, the firm's national wellness and well-being hub which offers a comprehensive suite of resources that support our professionals and their families with their everyday needs and challenges. This includes access to confidential 24/7 professional care and support, including crisis intervention. Our internal BDO LIFE portal also offers both live and on-demand educational webinars and resources on various topics, providing our people with the tools they need to improve their daily lives, both in the workplace and beyond. Recent educational sessions have focused on understanding depression and anxiety, supporting a loved one, and strategies for assessing and maintaining one’s own mental health and well-being. Additionally, we host firmwide challenges including mental exercises to overcome negative impulses and create more positive outcomes in our daily lives.

Seeking to encourage open conversations on mental health, we’ve invited our leaders to share their personal tactics for mental wellness, as well as the ways they have cultivated a supportive culture of care within their teams. Read on for their insights.

BDO Leaders on Mental Health