Eliminate redundancies and streamline manual procedures.

Planning is key to any well-designed process. Tax process design is the basis upon which companies add technology, tools, and training. Without a strong tax foundation, the rest will break down.
Our Tax Automation & Innovation team begins with a current state assessment and tax process workshop to review our clients’ processes, source data, data transformation, flow of data to tax engines and technologies, deliverables, timing, and formats. This allows us to engineer an optimized and comprehensive process for all tax deliverables.
BDO’s end-to-end global tax provision and compliance process is scalable and sustainable to:
  • Streamline data mapping, collection, and management
  • Enable the ability to capture data once and reuse it throughout the tax reporting process
  • Transfer year-end tax provision calculations as a starting point for tax returns
  • Automate return to provision differences into tax provision calculations
  • Use data to drive analytics (forecasting/planning/insight)
  • Improve the ability to react to business and regulatory changes, such as M&A activity or tax law updates
  • Identify continuous improvement opportunities
Resource realignment combined with a risk-based approach maximizes the competencies and capabilities of the existing team while fostering accountability for and ownership of tax processes. Attention in this area helps build a strong, effective workforce, improving employee retention. Our approach is simple and flexible. The goal is to build a foundation that grows with your business so enhancements can easily be added in future phases.