Already claimed R&D credits

Based on experience, the majority of companies that have claimed R&D benefits have not taken full advantage of them, even if a “R&D Study” has been done. BDO offers the following complimentary services to help companies determine whether they are leaving cash on the table or could more efficiently and effectively claim their R&D credits:
  • Cost & Calculation Review: Like a tax examiner, we look for errors and red flags, including those caused by use of outdated files and regulations. We also look for understated, missed, and non-qualified costs, to enhance both your credit’s materiality as well as its credibility.
  • Documentation Review: R&D benefits are often only as valuable as the documentation available to support them. As part of a Documentation Review, we assess whether and how tax examiners will accept—or disallow—your credit in light of the nature and extent of your documentation and make recommendations to improve it, for both current and future tax years.
  • Systems & Technology Review: We help companies develop and implement procedures and technologies to identify, document, and calculate future credits, more efficiently and more effectively.

To help increase the benefit of R&D credits, BDO also offers additional services, generally for a fee commensurate with the benefit:
  • Exam & Appeals Support: With more than two decades of full-time R&D experience, BDO's R&D team members leverage legal, accounting, engineering, and scientific experience and help support R&D credits and incentives on exam and at appeals.
  • ASC 740-10/FIN 48 Review: We identify optimal units of account and when permitted make recommendations regarding recognition, measurement, and appropriate documentation.
  • Global R&D Benefits Review: We help companies with operations outside the U.S. claim and support non-U.S. R&D benefits. We also help guide them in deciding where to locate any new R&D and manufacturing operations in light of these benefits.
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