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Industries are transforming, markets are volatile, demographics are changing, and customer needs are reshaping businesses’ operating models. BDO’s professionals draw upon deep industry knowledge and experience to help clients improve performance along three key dimensions: sustainable market growth, improved margin contribution, and strategic risk management. We understand how to not only discover and create value within organizations, but how to strategically maximize that value. Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to evaluate businesses and their challenges holistically, and to work collaboratively with clients to create tailored long-term solutions. Our goal is to help our clients drive profitable and sustainable growth and achieve their performance objectives, even long after our engagements conclude.
Back-Office Transformation/Operations Improvement
BDO professionals can provide solutions to standardize, simplify, and create efficient back-office operations. Beyond process improvement, BDO focuses on future state operating models to ensure the right processes, organizations, and tools are deployed to enhance the collective capabilities of the back office in alignment with companies’ broader business models and geographic footprints.
Integrated Performance Management
Tailored from Lean Six Sigma concepts, Integrated Performance Management (IPM) is a cyclical process consisting of:
  1. Refining operational strategy
  2. Revising measurable performance targets
  3. Refining budgets/forecasts
  4. Measuring and reporting performance
When fully integrated, each of these steps is a critical component of both management decision-support and stakeholder communication. IPM drives business value throughout the organization by improving communication and inefficiency, as well as reducing the information lag commonly encountered between fragmented, siloed activities performed within many companies or autonomous business units.
Customer Profitability/Cost to Serve
The total cost to serve is typically the sum of the actual selling price and associated margin coupled with hidden, unallocated service costs often linked to customer service, shipping/delivery policy, and other factors. Customer profitability, therefore, can be lost by not fully understanding the total cost-to-serve and considering that cost when establishing the price of goods and services. Often what we consider our biggest and best customers are generating losses or, at least, marginal profits. BDO leverages several data analytic tools to help businesses understand and measure the total cost of the customer relationship, and prioritize value drivers in order to optimize profitability.
Risk Management
The highest performing companies must systematically and efficiently identify, assess, manage, and monitor risks in an integrated and transparent fashion. Creating an effective Enterprise Risk Management plan helps to transform reactive and fragmented risk control activities into strategically proactive and value-centered processes. BDO brings together deep financial analysis acumen coupled with an experienced Risk Advisory Practice to provide integrated, tailored, and pragmatic risk mitigation analysis, plans, and solutions. Our professionals assist businesses in creating sophisticated effective Enterprise Risk Management systems and robust risk assessment and monitoring programs – all while focusing on improving and protecting value.
TAS - Integration Planning and Support
Effective acquisitive companies seek to minimize the near-term performance impact of an acquisition on both the acquiring and the acquired entities, seeking first to stabilize and integrate only what is absolutely critical in the initial period after the deal is finalized. Once stable, the acquirer has the opportunity to focus on business performance improvement and synergy realization. BDO offers a wide variety of transaction advisory services, with an emphasis on early integration planning before the deal is finalized. In doing so, we help our clients achieve rapid business stabilization and prioritized value realization.
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