• Transaction Support

Where experience meets independence.

BDO’s Valuation and Business Analytics professionals are uniquely positioned to provide transaction support to parties contemplating or involved in a merger, acquisition, or takeover. Our teams offer a wide range of services including financial modeling, pricing analysis, and pro forma earnings impact analysis.
BDO regularly provides fairness opinions as well. When considering a transaction, the fiduciary duty of a company’s board of directors becomes subject to high scrutiny. As a result, board members can become exposed to significant liability if a transaction is not in the best interests of the shareholders. In seeking a fairness opinion, board members receive supporting documentation from a professional valuation advisor which demonstrates an active fulfillment of fiduciary duties.
Fairness opinions provided by BDO’s Valuation and Business Analytics professionals are based on objective, independent analyses. They include not only valuation analysis, but a comprehensive review of the transaction’s financial structure and an analysis of the type and timing of the consideration being offered.
Our professionals assist fiduciaries in fulfilling their duties and are able to withstand scrutiny from shareholders, bondholders, or counterparties to the deal. We provide fairness opinions to boards in connection with various events and transactions, including:
  • Related-party transactions/special committee formation
  • Sale or merger transactions without auction
  • Transactions without an investment banker or advisor
  • Financing transactions that may dilute current investors
  • Board members requesting independent fairness opinions
  • Opinions required by a bond indenture or other financing document