• Fraud Analytics

Uncovering connections, immediate insight.

Technology has changed nearly every aspect of business, including the type of fraud that organizations face. Detecting and investigating fraud is more complex than ever before, and getting it wrong can cost a company millions of dollars – along with their customers and reputation. When companies are dealing with Big Data, they have to consider what’s commonly called the “Big V’s”: volume, variety, velocity, value, and veracity. During fraud investigations, the sheer amount and diversity of potential evidence can create a forensic nightmare, so properly navigating it has never been more essential. Even if data indicates illegal, abusive, or corrupt activity, it’s nearly impossible to detect on the surface. Doing so requires highly advanced analytic techniques.
At BDO, we work with our clients to quickly determine the Who, What, When, Where and How of every investigation.  Often requiring synthesizing terabytes of data and millions, if not billions of transactions, we make connections and identify anomalies or patterns across disparate data sets.  Regardless of the system and the location of the data, BDO has forensic technology professionals across the globe that can identify, preserve and analyze the complex datasets necessary.   We employ our extensive industry knowledge and experience, coupled with advanced analytics, including machine learning, artificial intelligence and visualization tools, to quickly and defensibly answer these questions for our clients.