AI-Enabled Applications

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Fundamentally rethinking how users interact with applications

Applications have asked businesses and their users to engage in the same way since inception; static menus deliver predefined content built behind the scenes with limited information and no real time capabilities or instinct. We have become accustomed to these shortfalls. 

However, advancements in Artificial Intelligence have disrupted how we see and use information in ways we never thought possible.  Within your current applications we can enable users using natural language to access application features and dynamic content from constantly evolving information sources. We empower users to better deliver for an organization.

Use Cases for AI-Enabled Applications

Our team of professionals can help you identify areas of your business where AI can be most impactful and work with you to integrate these capabilities into your existing applications. 

By incorporating generative AI into your applications' search functionality, users can interact with the search feature in a more conversational and natural manner. AI understands user queries and prompts, generating relevant responses and suggestions that align with their needs. This eliminates the need for manual selection and adjustment of multiple filters, streamlining the search process and making it more efficient.  

Our service goes beyond providing a simple list of search results. We transform those results into actionable answers, accompanied by relevant document citations. Additionally, we offer suggestions for follow-up questions to facilitate deeper understanding. This enhances the search experience by delivering precise answers and providing seamless access to supporting documents. We can also customize the output based on the type of inquiry or result. For example, we can show a preview image for certain document types or a table of data for other query types.  

Natural Language Processing allows for voice-enabled control, enabling users to execute operations that are typically performed on the screen by simply speaking their commands. This feature enhances accessibility and convenience, allowing users to interact with the application hands-free.  

Instead of a traditional home page, we can create a minimalist and user-centric home page similar to Google's search interface. Users are presented with a single field where they can directly input their desired destination or action. Alternatively, the AI-powered home page can display tiles with related options, providing users with quick access to relevant information.  

With AI, users can ask questions and get accurate answers based on your existing documentation, leading to increased employee productivity by reducing the need for time-consuming research. 

Embedding AI into your applications enables more conversational and interactive content based on existing information about your clients and user actions. The result is a more precise and tailored experience that boosts productivity and drives your business forward. 

How can you overcome business challenges with AI-Enabled Applications? 

Businesses today face a range of challenges that can hinder productivity and profitability, including inefficient business processes and lack of information to make decisions and poorly designed user experiencesBDO Digital’s AI-enabled applications services can help you overcome these challenges and unlock the full potential of your businessWe can help your applications automate manual tasksoptimize processes and facilitate communication with customers and partners around the world.  

Unlock innovation with AI-Enabled Applications 

AI is driving efficiency and innovation for companies that implement it strategically.

Combining the power of AI with your applications unlocks potential to find new revenue streams, discover opportunities in automation and gain competitive edge. Download our 1-pager to learn more about leveraging AI within your apps to improve business processes and growth.

Our Approach

Our team of professionals can help you identify areas of your business where AI can be most impactful and work with you to integrate these capabilities into your existing applications. 

Our approach is designed to be flexible and customizable, ensuring that we can help organizations of all sizes and industries. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and requirements, and we use this knowledge to develop tailored solutions that drive real business value. 

Analysis icon

Impact Analysis and Roadmap Development 

Our process begins by conducting a thorough analysis of your existing applications and identifying areas where AI can be most impactful. We then work with you to define clear objectives and develop a roadmap for implementation needs.

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Development and Testing

Once we have a clear understanding of your requirements, we start executing the roadmap for your AI-enabled applications. In an agile fashion we work with your team to refine it until it meets your needs.

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Deployment and Ongoing Support 

Finally, we deploy your AI-enabled application and provide ongoing support to ensure that it continues to meet your evolving needs.  

Overall, our goal is to help organizations like yours unlock the full capabilities of AI by integrating these capabilities into your existing applications. Areas we’ve seen the most potential for enhancement include: 

AI-enabled applications seamlessly integrate generative AI technologies into existing workflows, eliminating the need for separate applications or windows.  

Precise, customized search results tailored to specific business needs streamline the search process, boosting productivity.  

Transforming search results into actionable answers with relevant document citations and follow-up question suggestions enhances the search experience and provides seamless access to supporting documents.  

Voice-enabled control through Natural Language Processing improves accessibility and convenience for hands-free interaction. 

Minimalist and user-centric interfaces offer quick access to desired destinations or actions, enhancing usability and efficiency. 

Website global search integrates an AI chat bar for continuous AI-powered assistance and information retrieval. 

AI auto-generates content or records based on user actions, suggesting next steps for increased efficiency and informed decision-making.

AI Application Jumpstart Program

Our AI Jumpstart program is a business value and innovation conversation, not just a technical one. 

We’ll help you go from prototype into application-wide revolution by identifying a relevant use case in your application and creating a prototype with your real data in just 2-3 weeks. 

Our Capabilities

Our AI-enabled application development services seamlessly integrate generative AI technologies, like ChatGPT, into your existing applications, eliminating the need for users to switch to separate applications or open additional windows. With generative AI embedded in your applications, we provide the benefits of AI technology without disrupting established workflows. In addition, search results become more precise, customized, and tailored to specific business needs, which boosts productivity and leads to more accurate outcomes.

AI-powered chatbots for personalized customer interactions, intelligent recommendations based on user behavior and preferences.  

AI-driven personalized recommendations, predictive analytics to anticipate customer needs and preferences, voice-enabled interactions.  

AI-powered scheduling optimization, intelligent resource allocation based on availability and skills, predictive maintenance capabilities.  

AI-powered real-time recommendations for problem diagnosis, image recognition for equipment troubleshooting, and knowledge base integration.  

AI-driven project analytics, automated progress tracking, natural language processing for contextual search and content organization.  

AI-enabled personalized event recommendations for attendees, sentiment analysis of social media mentions, real-time event feedback analysis.  

AI-based adaptive learning, intelligent content recommendations, automated assessments and feedback, natural language processing for grading.  

AI-powered lead scoring and prioritization, sales forecasting based on historical data, personalized content recommendations for sales collateral.  

AI-driven sentiment analysis, automated text categorization, real-time feedback analysis for actionable insights.  

AI-powered appointment optimization, intelligent appointment routing based on location and preferences, predictive scheduling for optimized utilization. 

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