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Consistent, accurate data is vital for effective marketing

Marketing data optimization with BDO

To edge out the competition, your company needs to make data-driven decisions. With BDO on your side, you can leverage data services that improve marketing efforts and drive revenue.

Our professional team has skills with several types of technologies, enabling your organization to reap the benefits of a strong digital posture. We know how to handle business challenges and industry concerns with precision so your company can enjoy customized solutions that meet your data needs and goals.

Are you making the most of your martech stack?

Our free MarTech (marketing technology) self-assessment will allow you to assess up to five tools in your MarTech stack. You’ll walk away with a breakdown of improvement areas and actionable next steps.


BDO can help your organization optimize data and enhance marketing efforts. We provide services that facilitate a variety of tasks, from data deduplication to enrichment. Our capabilities include: 

Gain access to clean, actionable data through a data audit from BDO. Our services will enable your team to address critical gaps in data so you can improve segmentation, routing, lead scoring and engagement. 

Our real-time data deduplication solutions will improve business performance and keep your database clean. Our services will identify potential duplicate leads and automatically merge records, giving your team the time and information needed to craft effective campaigns and form lasting relationships with customers.

Consistent, accurate data is vital to effective lead scoring and nurturing. Our consultants will work with your team to understand your business situation, current database and data collection efforts to provide customized recommendations.  

Match the right offers to the right people at the right time with the assistance of our consultants. As your organization applies recommendations and informed changes to marketing campaigns, you will see improved engagement and conversions. 

Our professionals will help you understand specific global and localized privacy regulations, enabling your organization to maintain compliance and customer trust. We will also make recommendations for the language used in your opt-in messages, privacy policy, terms of use and email footers. 

Complete data leads to higher conversion rates. Our professionals work with you and our data vendors to fill in gaps for improved lead scoring, routing and segmentation, giving both you and your customers an enjoyable experience along the buyer's journey. 

Our Partnerships

BDO works with several data vendors to provide customized services to our clients. 


To enjoy successful marketing initiatives, your team needs to start with clean, actionable data. DataMD services will normalize and standardize your data, keeping your records free of duplicates and mistakes.


Our professionals will enable your team to leverage the RingLead platform to improve marketing efforts, improve efficiency and boost sales. We can help your organization transform data into actionable insights, offering technical guidance and support as you form strategic best practices.


Enjoy accuracy and efficiency with the capabilities of LeanData. Our consultants will help your team get the most value from your investment by providing support and recommendations for using the platform to your advantage.

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