Managed Cybersecurity Solutions

Introducing Perpetual Defense a comprehensive solution

Managed cybersecurity to help you mitigate cyber risks & threats

Active Insights, Active Defense, Continuous Assurance — As organizations rapidly adopt new technologies, they inadvertently introduce new vulnerabilities or entry points for threat actors to leverage. It's not just a technology issue, it’s a business issue. As your business inevitably evolves, how do you keep up with the ever-changing threat landscape?
Introducing Perpetual Defense, a comprehensive managed cybersecurity solution that is built on Microsoft security tools and combined with BDO's managed security services. 

Cyber attacks are inevitable. Is your organization prepared?

Cyberattacks are inevitable and the cyber threat landscape is ever-changing. Is your organization prepared? Take our Cyber Threats Readiness Quiz to find out in less than 5 minutes.

How BDO Can Help

Present-day cyber threats are becoming so pervasive that businesses are having to adapt their cybersecurity strategies. A firewall and antivirus software simply won’t cut it. As cyber threats become more complex, so do the cybersecurity strategies used to protect against them. It’s not about finding a simple solution; it’s about finding a solution that will cover all your bases. Perpetual Defense is built exactly for this purpose — to provide businesses with a complete cyber threat management solution that is proactive in its threat defense and adapts to an ever-changing cybersecurity threat landscape.

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Inspect with Active Insights

Without understanding the current position of your Microsoft investment, can you ever truly make strategic, data-informed improvements? Powered by BDO, Active Insights helps your business strengthen its security coverage to maximize the level of protection while offering the ability to rationalize tools, reduce operational costs, and enable automation for faster response and recovery.

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Protect with Active Protect (MXDR)

Our Managed Extended Detection and Response (MXDR) solution leverages Microsoft security tools coupled with BDO's managed security operations center (SOC) to provide a managed cybersecurity solution that works for your organization 24x7x365. This fully integrated, cloud-native solution is comprised of the people, processes, and technology needed to safeguard your organization from threats. 

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Validate with Active Assure

Maybe you have great cybersecurity measures in place, but have you put them to the test? BDO's cyber-attack simulation and purple teaming services deliver continuous simulation of known cyberattack methods including malware and ransomware strains to test an organization’s resilience in being able defend against cyberattacks. With the threat landscape constantly changing, validation is essential to ensure that there are no gaps. 

Why Choose BDO?

  • Greater uptime and increased operational efficiency 
  • Protected brand reputation/equity 
  • Reduced Mean Time to Recovery 
  • Reduced application waste 
  • Vendor Consolidation 
  • Predictable Cost 
  • Achieve Compliance 

  • Rapid adoption of new technologies (Migration to Cloud, IOT, Data Collection) means there are new access points for a threat actor – Your cyber plan must adapt just as quickly. BDO changes and grows with you to better protect these new access points 
  • Take advantage of world leading Microsoft innovations and threat data resources 
  • BDO continuously monitors and assesses your cyber security posture and identifies opportunities for improvement to reduce risk

  • BDO can advise, implement, and manage your Enterprise’s cybersecurity monitoring solution
  • Proactive solution that identifies, prioritizes, and preemptively mitigates risks 
  • Gain insights through dashboards and reports that allow you to review trends, incidents and problems, best practice recommendations  
  • Update and manage strategic infrastructure roadmap  
  • Continuously automate and help increase speed to detect, respond and remediate 

  • Continuous 24/7/365 Monitoring and Response 
  • BDO leverages a global network of experienced security advisors that employ tools, knowledge, experience,  skills and modern technology to help ensure system is operating optimally  
  • No need to worry about finding/losing talent 
  • Continuous upkeep of security controls, optimization of their performance to improve detection and speed containment of threat activities  

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