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Improve internal control over financial reporting processes

The enactment of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act dramatically changed the financial reporting landscape. 

Since then, BDO has helped our clients come up with innovative ways to generate value while maintaining compliance. Far from simply meeting the minimum standard, we help clients improve their internal control over financial reporting processes and create synergies across their entire organization. 

BDO’s Risk Advisory professionals have years of experience educating clients on the best ways to design systems that will not only meet compliance but improve business processes. 

We know meeting complex Sarbanes-Oxley (“SOX”) requirements can be overwhelming. Our professionals help guide companies in a way that draws from our deep experience in a variety of industries. BDO helps many clients, including large public companies, those preparing for an initial public offering, and private companies that wish to establish rigorous SOX-like internal controls. We never stop thinking about what future issues might arise, and thus create systems to monitor the effectiveness of internal controls, identify deficiencies and provide guidance on how to adjust the compliance process to meet current requirements. We also assist clients with J-SOX and other regulatory requirements. 

Our professionals recognize the cost of maintaining compliance and make every effort to help companies establish a model that works best for them by allocating resources appropriately. We leverage the resources of our expansive international network to serve clients wherever they do business, and wherever they have needs. 

BDO takes a forward-thinking, collaborative approach to: 

  • 404a v. 404b 
  • Fundamental assurance 
  • Hot topics 
  • Curtailing restatement risk 
  • And more

Our Approach

BDO considers your risk, control and governance processes, including all key SOX business systems (including ITGC controls), financial and operational management processes, reporting systems, and the safeguarding of your assets. We provide practical and realistic resolutions to help mitigate current and pertinent risks faced by your organization. We also see improving our clients’ process transactions as an important element of ongoing SOX work. We consider the potential for adding value and helping enhance a client’s operations to be an intrinsic part of all SOX work we do and all recommendations we offer. BDO considers the following factors: 
  • Corporate Governance 
  • Risks 
  • Controls 
  • Business Systems 
  • Strategic Plan and Corporate Initiatives 

Why BDO? 
  • Practical and realistic guidance: We learn your business inside and out and make recommendations that work for you. 
  • Improved processes: SOX compliance is an opportunity to assess operations and adjust them to help maximize efficiency and value. 

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We provide you with insights and potentially proactive measures on high and emerging risks you may face as an organization. Our SOX work is not limited to merely financial, governance and information technology risks, but encompasses wide-reaching sector, regulatory, reputational and third-party considerations. 

BDO focuses on: 
  • Insights 
  • Emerging Risks 
  • Regulatory Developments 

BDO’s forward-thinking, collaborative approach helps clients navigate continuing operations considering forecasted business results, timely updates to SOX Risk Assessment and scoping throughout the year, periodic updates to accounting policies and procedures, and completing financial statements. We help complete an inventory of system interfaces and databases, consider reviews of journal entries and other transactions while working remotely, and help to ensure accounting staff are adequately qualified, trained and supervised. BDO frequently helps clients address the following hot topics: 
  • Significant estimates and use in accounting and forecasting 
  • Controls over new accounting procurements 
  • Changes to Information Technology Environments 
  • Completeness and accuracy of data used in controls 
  • Requirements of 404a v. those of 404b 

Why BDO? 
  • Early and ongoing communication: Our team works with yours in a transparent dynamic. 
  • Aligned goals and expectations for SOX compliance: Agreed-upon goals and expectations set the foundation for SOX compliance. 
  • Maximum utilization of external auditors: We use the resources and network at our disposal to help ensure that your organization’s processes and compliance match evolving standards. 

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BDO has identified a number of attributes that mitigate material weaknesses and restatements. These include: 
  • Access to competent, experienced controller and SEC reporting managers 
  • Minimum financial governance 
  • Strong financial close process 
  • Technical memos and documentation reviewed by auditors 
  • Access to specialized software, not just Microsoft Excel 
  • Documented policies and procedures 
  • Use of third-party specialists/outsourcing 
  • Clearly defined IT function 

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