• HITRUST Certification

Protecting patient information, every day.

In healthcare, trust between patients and their providers is essential. That trust is built on a promise that patients will receive proper medical care and that their protected health information (PHI) will be secure. If that confidentiality is broken, even inadvertently, it jeopardizes the provider-patient relationship, not to mention violates regulatory requirements such as HIPAA and HITECH. Organizations certified under HITRUST (Health Information Trust Alliance), the most widely-adopted security framework in the U.S. healthcare industry, provide their patients and partners peace of mind, ensuring they’ve established a control environment to safeguard patient information.
As a HITRUST Authorized CSF Assessor, BDO helps healthcare organizations achieve HITRUST certification and keeps clients apprised of the ever-evolving requirements of the HITRUST certification process. Guided by the HITRUST CSF, our team of dedicated professionals translates multiple security frameworks into a common language. We develop a prescriptive roadmap to help clients implement security controls in line with regulatory standards, and we provide a third-party assessment verifying clients’ compliance with the HITRUST CSF.